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The DC Universe is a shared universe where stories by DC Comics take place. Batman, Superman, Aqua man and The Flash are well-known superheroes from this universe. Batman has always been one of the most intense crime fighters in the DC Universe, way back when he was created in 1939. Wanting to strike terror into the hearts of criminals of Gotham City, he not only delivers a beating to the bad guys, but does his best to make sure they’re too frightened to ever return. One of the best-selling boys brands across the globe, Batman has achieved over 1.52 BILLION at the box office in the last 10 years alone! In 2016 , the DC Universe films tallied up a combined $1.6 billion in revenue. With the upcoming Justice League movie in late 2017, and blockbusters in the pipe line for 2018 and 2019, the momentum is only getting stronger year on year.